When You “HaveTo” Live with a Loss!

When you
Submitted by Lois-CO

What do you do to live with a loss?
Sometimes it is difficult to differentiate between have to’s and want to’s. I think we do what we have to and don’t think about it sometimes or many times.
My generation did what was expected of us and often with no complaints!
That being said; the most difficult part of my life began after my husband died. It was hard to watch him suffer but at least he was still here. The real work began once he died.

My way of coping was to reinvent and make a new life for myself. The only way I could end the mourning for how it used to be was to create a new life. I have successfully done that. I chose not to unload on others as that doesn’t help anything for me. Instead, I have learned to be there for my friends when this happens to them and it is now happening to many.

We have all decided to keep him alive in our memories and conversations and that has been wonderful. But when I do, I refer to is as “In my other Life”!