Joan Rivers

If you miss the wonder of Joan Rivers you “Have To” see Joan Rivers in “A Piece of Work”
Joan Rivers is a lot like Sushi, you either love her or you do not. This documentary will cause both the haters and the lovers to respect her. She is the ultimate “have to” survivor!!!

You have to give it to her. I happened to like Joan Rivers, she maked me laugh. But in this documentary she made me cry. Her endurance, drive and “have to” lead her overcome the death of her husband, the alleged banishment during her career by Jonny Carson and the incredible guilt of being both Jewish and a working mother!!!!

It is availalbe on Netflix and Amazon… Watch it!
Ricki Stern and Annie Sundberg’s spent 12 months with Rivers. She gave the filmmakers total access, telling them the saddest, most intimate things and letting them film her rawest, most desperate moments. They came away with a brilliant character study. She’s more fascinating—and, somehow, more heroic—than we ever expected her to be. It reminds you what a talent we lost!