Why Share My Have to?


Help others to realize their own strength!

First, let me share my motivation.

My Mission:

Activate & Maintain your Drive!

My Vision:

Use my knowledge, creativity and enthusiasm to encourage and inspire others to find their drive and reach their goals.

My Tactic:

Build a website to expand the concept of “have to” using people’s stories to demonstrate and inspire others to find what drives them. Thus build a community, the basis for a book, speaking engagements and ultimately a brand.

Have to is a very strong motivator

  • When you are backed against the wall, with no way out, you dig deep! You find a strength and clarity of purpose…you are clear and focused with no distractions.
  • You build a plan and execute on that plan.
  • Sometimes have to looks like smart planning, risk taking, business & life acumen…when in fact it was pure unadulterated have to!

Sometimes “have to” is the last resort…

For example my Mom & my Aunt Mary have been credited with being great business women and risk takers in starting their business, and while they were, the real credit goes to “have to”… they came here from Ireland because they HAD to as there were no jobs at home. They came with a 6th grade education and made their way. My Dad struggled in the US and when he died, Mom had 5 kids, I was 3 and my oldest brother was 17, my Mom “had to” make sure her business was a success!

Aaron Ralston:

the Author of Between a Rock and a Hard Place after 5 days realized he “had to” cut off his own arm if he was going to live and escape the canyon in which he was trapped by a rock.

  • When have you been tested and had to… what did you do?

Sometimes “have to” is the next step…

When my children were 3 & 5 my husband and I had to make a decision. We did not want the kids with babysitters all day while we both worked. So one of would be the home parent and the other the “working away from home” parent. We had to evaluate our skills. We decided to switch the traditional roles. I went on to build a career and my husband became the Mr. Mom. We did this in the late 70’s and were trail blazers but it was what we felt we “had to” do.

  • What have you had to do to get to the next step and how did you do it?

Sometimes “have to” is a thing…

For me, the iPhone was a “have to”. I had to do whatever it took to get the first iPhone. I like Louboutin shoes but they are not a “have to” for me.

  • Is there something you just have to have and what will you do to get it?

Sometimes you do not “have to”…

I am done buying things I do not really need to impress people I do not know!

  • What do you not “have to” do anymore?

Your story may be short and to the point or more involved… just share your story… It will help many readers to realize their own strength!