Have to is a very strong motivator

  • When you are backed against the wall, with no way out, you dig deep! You find a strength and clarity of purpose…you are clear and focused with no distractions.
  • You build a plan and execute on that plan.
    Sometimes have to look like smart planning, risk-taking, business & life acumen…when, in fact, it was pure unadulterated have to!

About Ann and Her “Have To”:

  • Married: happily to a wonderful man
  • Children : 2 successfully grown up Sons.
  • Graduated: University of Connecticut with a double major in Psych & Sociology
  • Likes: iPhone, Wrigley Field, Martinis, to Dance, the Beach, GPS, when my kids call to say “Hi” and when my husband calls me “darling”.
  • Dislikes: when GPS says “recalculating”, packing light, socks with sandals, alarm clocks, slow drivers, intolerance.
  • Has been known to: trip trying to walk in 4 inch heels

Ann’s “Have To”:

My career began at 3 years old working in my Mom’s restaurant. I took orders, sang & danced as well as helped cook. It was the basis for my 30-year career as a corporate executive as well as an entrepreneur.
My retail and wholesale background spans diverse product lines and specialty channels. I have created consumer-focused new store concepts that produced significant business growth. Negotiated and managed several acquisitions and divestitures that generated substantial new revenues and profits.

I developed a close working relationship and understanding for the opportunities and challenges of business owners as President of the Wholesale division of FTD with 20,000 independent owners and President of Specialty Retail for Hallmark with over 5,000 Hallmark Gold Crown stores. This lead to a new career coaching small to medium business.
And now I have founded my advertising agency VxRWorks with my partner James Braun. We are the complete business improvement machine!

I have been fired & hired and failed and succeeded. But I have always prevailed and moved forward. I always figured out what I “had to” do to succeed.

And now I would like to hear from you!!