Bag It!

bagit-1You do not have to use plastics but it is not easy!

Submitted by Ford-CO

Have you seen the documentary “Bag It”

‘Bag It’ Best of Show at Blue Ocean Film Festival and is produced by a small team from the mountains of Telluride, is a continuation of a style begun by Michael Moore. A slightly naïve character poses a seemingly simple question (“Where do all those plastic bags end up?”), and then spends the movie chasing down various explanations and bad guys.
Bag It’s instigator, Jeb Berrier (who has the presence of Moore, though with a Harpo Marx fringe of wild hair), sets about to trace plastic’s origins and how so much of it ends up in the ocean (and landfills) and ultimately in the bodies of birds, fish … and man.
Building on facts like “the average American uses about 500 plastic bags a year, for an average of 12 minutes before they are thrown away,” the film is a fun, provocative reminder of why we should all remove plastic from our lives—and the sooner the better
From the Bag It website we have: What does it mean to be a bag it town?
Bag it towns send a clear and strong message to not only your own citizens, but to other towns. When a town goes bag free you’re saying to the world: Hey, we’re different, it works and we like it!

Bag It citizens are informed, proud and often happy to explain where all the bags went and, more importantly, why.
Once floodgates are open, expect your town to be quick to adopt other waste reducing habits, lifestyles and mindsets.
The transition from plastic to reusable can be hard at first — you may find some neighbors, friends and retailers reluctant to change. Others might try to stop the movement altogether. I now keep fabric bag in the car to use when I grocery shop or visit any store. I also carry my water in a reusable stainless steel water bottle. These things are not hard to do just hard to remember to do! Ultimately, once old habits are replaced, consumers are happy and proud to tote their goods responsibly.
The planet is doing fine but this plastic is killing us!!